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I got an email today, they're talking about releasing new console PSP2. Who's excited? I dunno, I'm desperate on getting 3DS DX

So last entry I did show the image of Graces F localize and this is the updated image here (and what the hell the with the image name! It's Pascal season! XD)

Daily game: ToV and ToGf

ToV Day 7:

- Got B'aul (Best aircraft!)
- Flynn joins for 2nd time.
- Got Karol's Mystic Arte
- On the way to save Estelle (damn you Alexei)
- Party lvl about 40+ (Yuri, Flynn, Repede, Rita, Karol, Judith, Patty)
So I think Patty is permanent player, good for back up. Now looking for her Mystic Arte.

ToGf Day 4:

- Completed Part 1.
- Got Hubert in party.
- On the way to North Pole! (Yeah, I dunno where but aka snowy place)
- Party lvl about 30+ (Asbel, Sophie, Pascal, Malik, Hubert)
Their Mysti-- Blast Caliber are to unleash but sometime it doesn't take down the monster. Seriously, I spend more time on Graces rather than Vesperia. I need to get note in my mind to spend both in balance way.

ToGf of the day, I love so much on this video. I keep thinking later to make this guys party to get one.

Check this out for Van and Richter gameplay in RM3 )
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I heard people starting to shout of Graces F might be getting localize. I cross my finger that they will do it. Because Graces F is a good game (almost beating gameplay from Vesperia) and it's hardly for me and other fans to understand it. I knew there's a team doing the translation and still going on but I hope they don't give up on it yet. Because the news is 50/50, just rumor or true, we don't know.

Some say it's true when this website comes out. It's also registered under NAMCO BANDAI Co. If you wander what's that blur image, I even make comparison below.

That picture looks familiar. )
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Updates from RM3. Do you know we can take control villain characters too?

New good and villain characters included in the game. )
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I did't know this guy from Rebirth is playable.

WTH?! More characters coming in RM3! I'm so excited!

So, TALES OF ABYSS 3DS will release in SPRING 2011.
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Hiya f-list, I wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS~ Just now I drove car this evening, I trapped in traffic jam for 2 hours! Yep, I know no fun having Christmas in car, but I love having fun^^

Also, on RM3 updates, there are presents for us fans: 3 New Video.

Lets start from 2 character taken from RM2, who not made it their Hi-ougi:

And one new character and her new summon-ougi, awesome Sheena ever!

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More Radiant Mythology 3 video update from JUMP FIESTA:

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F-list, I gotta stop updating for awhile. I'll keep update Tales series but probably late, really dead late. I got a bunch of drawing to be finished, including event for [ profile] route_29. Until my work got settle, probably after Christmas, I'll continue updates and posting own journal.

Am I forgot something? Yup, this is RM3 latest trailer and BACK-ON song^^ Drep, the trailer is awesome!

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas from dearest of all time, Kiku~
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I went to my college to register today. *sigh* My final semester class will start at 20th this month. Damn, why not next year? I haven't enough holiday yet! Poor my Christmas plan *sob*

Radiant Mythology 3 2nd front cover is awesome!

They even have a short manga!

Also... guys, you seen the ToX scan. But did you watch the trailer yet? )
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J-pop group; BACK-ON which dedicate previous RM2 theme song, Flyaway. They again will be dedicate their song for the theme on RM3. And the song called with you feat.Me The song will publish next year, as they said. It's cool to have their song, Flyaway is catchy though. We'll see next year, how's the song like.

More video updates; we'll focusing with two main Hi-ougi.

I have here is Keele's hi-ougi, which is he summoning Rem. I waited this for looong time XD oh gosh, he looks really handsome in cut-scene <33

And here's Flynn! Awesome as allllwayss~
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Kayyy people, oh gowd I was into the LJ RP lately and I have no time to check RM3 updates but I see my f-list didn't publish this yet, or probably I'm the one who missed.

Front cover of RM3 looks like this:

Beautiful, just like RM2. You can guess those four figures standing on the cliff ^^

Another thing I wanna say, we got ONE MORE NEW CHARACTER in the game!

Well guess who? Someone in Symphonia!! Check this out!

Okay, I'm putting the spoiler inside LJ cut from now on. Because I looooove surprises XD )
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Hi there f-list and other watchers, I forgot to update Radiant Mythology 3 news ><;; You know since I got home, I'm so excited to my old PS2 games (getting PS3 soon but I dunno when). But when I check the news back then, IT GIVES ME HORROR SURPRISE!

What I'm talking about?

Radiant Mythology 3 releases date is FEBRUARY 10TH, 2011!!

That's not all, more NEW CHARACTERS will be added in the game, guess who are they?

-Shing Meteoryte (Hearts)
-Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear (Abyss)
-Flynn Scifo (Vesperia)

Surprise! SURPRISE! Looks like all Abyss characters will be in the game! Excited, huh? *Oh thanks NamcoBandai, you add Flynn too!*

Here's the article:

Before I forget, here's a vid of Marta's Hi-ougi ^^

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Duuuuuudeeee~~~ HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (Sorry if I missed) Today is the last day of practical in 'hell's room'. I'm officially release and will be send home, so tomorrow I will having my break for a week or two before entering final sem. Huh, winter break is my fav (although my place don't have winter) XD.

That's not all! We're going to check what's going on with RM3 updates! Today's we going to see available Hi-ougi from 2 characters. Get ready!

This is Mint's Hi-ougi... Woot! TIME STOP!

At last, Will got his own Hi-ougi... It's creepy at the same time, AWESOME!

Ever you noticed? Luke in RM3 is 'LONG-HAIRED' version! His voice is kinda annoying during battle above but he looks aggressive!

For Legendia Fans: They're getting more and more attention to this game. Check out Mimi vid here! (Oresoren song pleaz...)

More skit faces included in the game, that's Mimi for you... and so Coda (Innocence). FINALLY, THEY FIXED SENEL'S SKIT FACE! I'm glad they doing that! He looks good in that face, unlike RM1 and RM2. Oh my gosh, gotta love BGM in RM3~

Wow, seriously I'm gonna play Legendia when I get home...
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As we knew, Namco Bandai had annouced new Tales of series will be coming in PS3. However, they haven't decided the title, which is it delayed until today. The next Tales of series title is:

Let's hope for the best about this new Tales of will gives us satisfaction, since they're making different concept, art and graphic.

[So now we have TOX in the party! ^^]
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Now I putting title above, people easily recognize it ==;

Today's update, we're looking at additional character and hi-ougis. I mean these two character Eugene and Sophie. As we know Eugene didn't have his own hi-ougi, which is now available in RM3. Here's a quick shot:

Oh heck yeah! His cut-in more like SPARTA mode, like Will XD

I haven't seen Sophie in battle, but I guess it's no difference in ToG if you seen her battle style. I love it though, check this out:

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I made my day off yesterday, because of 'Hari Raya Haji'. But I didn't went home that time cause today's work. COUNT DOWN 11 DAYS TO END THIS YEAR SEMESTER! Back to updates...

I miss two days ago updates, about synthesizing junk for items. Now, they're making new upgrade, you can now select how many quantity of items to synthesize. Unlike previous RM series, where you need to keep pressing until your thumb worn out. Also, video below shows how to sythesize weapon... and upgrading weapon! Pretty cool huh?

Oh, thumbs up for Oresoren Remix song (originally taken from here), thumbs down for Inside Val Eltia song. It seems RM2 version much better than that.

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New video update in the game. Though it suppose to be four videos, but we've seen their previous hi-ougis in RM2.

Except for this; Judas Hi-ougi

I would say his hi-ougi is one of the longest cut scene. Hit, after hit, after hit, bone mask breaks, and final hit. Awesome!
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Remember last time I posted this entry, about three characters will add in RM3?

Well, it claims to be true! Marta (DotNW), Judas (Destiny 2) and Sophie (Graces) are officially added in the game!

That's not all. One more character also officially added in the party and that is, Will Raynard (Legendia). This makes total of playable Tales characters up to 80! Which is the same news in Malaysian article in my previous post.

Check out the article below:

Back to one worrisome situation, [ profile] shokora_kukki last comment still made me wonder. Is it fine to have both Leon and Judas in the same game? I mean, these both identity are in one person. I'm super happy when they decided to add Judas, but I can't imagine what happen if they met each other. Hope the company made a good reason for doing this.
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Today's updates Radiant Mythology 3:

We've got new videos from the game and we focus on two things; Chester's and Jay's gameplay & Hi-ougis. I'd say Jay is awesome! I guess he's a ninja? He's hi-ougi a lot like Fullmetal Ahchemist stlye XD

Chester's Gameplay:

Jay's Gameplay:

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Okay, folks. Today's news from Radiant Mythology 3... and I missed them!!! 0o0;;;

Two days ago, it's been confirmed that Mimi the bakery (I mean Wonder Baker from Legendia. Thanks [ profile] shokora_kukki for telling me this) and the return of Natsu-Natsu first Radiant Mythology, Mormo.

The article shows below:

While yesterday, another article shows about descender's job. But the picture accidentally revealed more playable characters in the game!

Those are:
- Judas (Destiny 2)
- Sophie (Graces)
- Marta (DotNW)

It's been told that character from DotNW will be included in RM3, and so Marta is one of them! I'm actually glad they have her in there. It's almost all Tales characters in one game.

Oh, this is the article:

You can see very tiny pic battle scene of Judas, Sophie and Marta at the middle of the article. Gotta give credit to NAMCO BANDAI for reveal them though XD.

The final updates is new system in Menu screen, which you can view biodata of Tales characters in the game; same sort you check their biodata in website.

Here's the demo, which shows Eternia characters biodata:

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I returned from Singapore, and I don't buy anything for myself because I'm broke. I found the DVD of Prof. Layton in this previous post, but I don't buy it. It's about 24 dollar or something. I better buy it at my country, since I can get discount.

I finished my assignment work like last week and I've been doing the work like everyday because there are corrections here and there. I guess this final correction work satisfy him this time. Also, I remembered my previous work with my teammates about making animation commercial, they're finally out! One appeared at public television and another in bus transmit. I proud of that, but I can't tell anyone it's my work. Well, at least they're watching it though.

Since there's no work after this final render thing, I'm thinking I gonna make a Mieu model in 3D. I'm not good in modeling but at least it is part of my job. Hope this Mieu model ended up smoothly...

Another news of Radiant Mythology 3, few characters confirm in the game:

- Cheria Barnes (Graces)
- Meredy (Eternia)
- Raven (Vesperia)
- Jay (Legendia)
- Ricardo Soldato (Innocence)

Isn't this exciting? They even make new job for Descender, 'Gunslinger'!

This is the original pic:


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