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I haven't been updating so much. But I going to make quick update for my new Vocaloid art or others.

So in my DA, the highest ranking now is Rin Orenji. Mostly they said Rin looks cute in the picture. I agreed, because adorableness is the only way how to drag people to love her ==;

Newly submited:

It's my first Vocaloid Comic Strip ever! Comic contains Kaito, Len and Miku. Very short but you'll be 'lol' at the end.

Now I'm working with Kaito pic and probably this one will be epic. It'll done about next month? Well, just stay tune!


Has anyone tried Miku Book yet? How is it like?
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How long I'm gonna keep lazy updates *A*

Right, I'm started to addict with my old online game Dragonica, and I can't stop playing it. Now my time clashes with my LJRP, so I'm gonna keep my pace with it... NOT! I better stick which one I like.

So I heard from my lil sis, Persona 4 is going to surprise me. Are you kidding? I clear the game twice and as a big fan of Persona,


So I head to the website, and check few stuff of it. Hold on, why protagonist P4 is 'Yu Narukami'? Why don't stick with 'Souji Seta' instead! Definite this name is out of canon. Thankfully other characters' name remain the same. But whatever it is, I want to watch it badly! I'm also gonna cross my finger, this anime is not as bad as Trinity Soul :X
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Oh gosh. This website really surprised me. Why you never make this up in Gaia Online or TinierMe? I really want those costume sooo bad :(
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I've been hiatus for 4 days. Yeh, I was online LJ all the time but hate to update recently. Anyway, my dad's heart operation was success and he's having a long nap in hospital. I'm grateful for that, a little. Everyday, I never missed the earthquake in Japan news on TV, it feels bad for me to keep watching them :\

So, I read my fav magz today and some info interest me, though I rarely check them in the net.

Functions of PSP2 )

Xillia's seiyuus are interesting )
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I'm still worried about what happened at Japan. Lots of people were still missing and more importantly, I wondered what happened to the seiyuus.

Thanks to hashihime blogspot [List of seiyuus were known SAFE], I feel a lot better :) I can't guarantee they have it all, but I relieved my fav seiyuus were listed. Go check them out!

For those you want to see a-very-long-list of Japan idols were known safe, CLICK HERE!
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I don't want to say for details. Everything said in the news and footage over here.
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I have to apologize due to not update playthrough in RM3. Is not that I'm stuck, I playing other Tales of games, doing assignment and having lack of sleep lately. Of course I still play the game, and that is grinding. I'm using Swordsman without any job change, which makes other Tales characters slowly leveling. I'm making them level up at least lvl 55 above to make the playthrough much easier.

I finally finished Tales of Graces, now heading to Future Arc. Surprisingly, it's easy to beat 2 final bosses, and I realized I set the game in Normal mode. I would like to battle them again in Hard mode.
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| Job Class Condition |

Available from beginning:
- Warrior
- Swordsman
- Fighter
- Hunter
- Thief
- Magician
- Priest

Great Swordsman: Warrior (Level 30)
Twin Swordsman: Swordsman (Level 30)
Gunslinger: Hunter (Level 30)
Monk: Fighter (Level 30) / Priest (Level 30)
Bishop: Magician (Level 30) / Priest (Level 30)
Magic Swordsman: Swordsman (Level 30) / Magician (Level 30) / Priest (Level 30)
Ninja: Thief (Level 30) / Figther (Level 30) / Hunter (Level 30)
Pirate: Thief (Level 30) / Gunman (Level 30)
Paladin: Priest (Level 30) / Great Swordsman (Level 30)
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My cat sick, I don't why. He's been coughing since yesterday. Luckily, I went to vet to get his medicine. He seems doing fine now :)

[RM3 SPOILER] I'm curious about Asbel and Luke/Asch canon differences in the game. )
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I uploaded Radiant Mythology 3 skit. I found out something interesting about Estelle.

Estelle finds Quickie is cute and tries to touch him. But Quickie doesn't want her. Yuri enters and Quickie runs to him. Second skit, Estelle tries again by introducing herself, but Quickie walks away. Meredy enters and tells her that Quickie likes to listen songs.

Third skit, Estelle sings in front of Quickie and it seems worked. Then Yuri, Claire and Veigue enters. Yuri asks what's the song for, but Quickie cuts him by approaches closer to three of them, without them singing. This makes Estelle pissed off, because she had to do the hard way.


So the conclusion is, all tamed creatures don't like Estelle. Poor girl XD
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Last time, I stop in beginning of Mission 2, so here's the details.

Playthrough Part 2 )
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I start playing this soon after I download this. I'm very excited to have new characters and just can't wait to use them. If you wonder how the game goes, it's just under the cut.

Playthrough Part 1 )
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It should be for couple days to complete. I'm not major with Japan games but since I survived RM2, why not? I got image shot plugin for PSP, so just wait for me to post some pics!


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