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Kiku ([personal profile] kiku_cait) wrote2020-01-10 11:01 am
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RP list


Shion Kaito | [personal profile] absolute_blue/[personal profile] absoluteblue | X-men AU
KAITO V3 | [personal profile] recklessice | General
Kageito | [personal profile] protectiveshadow | General
White (Kaito) | [personal profile] princeindream | The land of dreams
Negeito (Kageito) | [personal profile] negeito | U Nya Puu
Gakuran★Parka (Kaito) | [personal profile] oldschoolmp3/[personal profile] 0ldschoolmp3 | Project DIVA f
Violet (KAITO) | [personal profile] voicelessguitar | A thousand-year solo
Miku | [personal profile] catfood | Cat Food
Setsuna (OC) | [personal profile] immortallycured | Setsuna Plus
Luka Nightmare | [personal profile] nightdreamfever | Nightmare AU!
Mikuo | [personal profile] tormentopink | General
Manager (Miku) | [personal profile] sadisticmanager | Sadistic.Music∞Factory
Ayano Tateyama | [personal profile] reasonofmydeath | KagePro


Ritsuka Aoyagi | [personal profile] lol_less | Loveless
Garry | [personal profile] thelastpetal | Ib
Calem | [personal profile] calmtrainer | Pokemon XY
Sin Kiske | [personal profile] lolikingson | Guilty Gear
Sin Kiske (child) | [personal profile] faaather | Guilty Gear
Ramlethal | [personal profile] loliconfeels | Guilty Gear Xrd
Shiori Kanzaki | [personal profile] feelingnostalgic | Forest of Drizzling Rain
Roll | [personal profile] justalittlegirl | Megaman
Cyber Elf X | [personal profile] wanderingsoul | Megaman Zero
Harpuia | [personal profile] servestomaster | Megaman Zero

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