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My cat sick, I don't why. He's been coughing since yesterday. Luckily, I went to vet to get his medicine. He seems doing fine now :)

So Asbel is canon from ToG, somehow relates to ToV characters in RM3. When he and Sophie enters the ship, he was looking for Estelle, who is under care by Yuri. I heard he pronounce "Estellise-sama". So, we know that Estelle never change her role as princess in this game. When Asbel talk to Estelle, "Flynn-sama" sent him to escort Estelle back (because it's dangerous or something). But Estelle declines, and that's why Asbel had to stay Ad Lib. Later I checked in a video, Asbel calling Flynn "Taichou". Looks like Asbel is taking over Sodia's job ><;;

Next, Luke and Asch. Yes, they're siblings in the game (...what?). Not just that, Luke is the older brother and Asch is little brother (WHAT?!!!). I'm fine that they're siblings, since they don't have to make replica-issue-thing or the game will gets more complicated. I OBJECT that replica is Asch's older brother! I can hear Asch screaming "Replicaaaa!!" right now. So Van in this game is not villain. I repeat, NOT VILLAIN! :D He claims his role as mentor of both Luke and Asch.

Last, about Suzu. This part I never know and I try to keep looking what actually happen. The question I want to ask about her, why she appears late and together with Sheena, Lloyd and Colette.

I'm still waiting about Leon/Judas relationships (because this two person have cross canon!). Hopefully I can understand what they're saying.

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