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Let's play Radiant Mythology 3: Part 1

I start playing this soon after I download this. I'm very excited to have new characters and just can't wait to use them. If you wonder how the game goes, it's just under the cut.

Playthrough 1:

A cut scene shows some kind of universe and narrator keeps babbling (hey, it's japanese!) and there's the world tree. It shines and shots out a light, and that's how Descender was born. Next, the location changes somewhere at the cliffs (Rhubarb Mountains) and Kanonno Grassvalley appears. She sees the light (Descender) and follows it. The journey begins with Descender and Kanonno. Some tutorial (I think RM2 doesn't have this) of fighting and buttons until you reach the end. Kanonno will talk to you when you almost at the entrance and the camera shows down exit and right exit. Take the right exit. Another cut scene, flying 'Van Eltia' will greet you.

Inside Van Eltia:
Ange (ToI) will be the first Tales of character to greet you. She tells about their guild, Ad Libitum and their transport, Van Eltia. After that, you'll freely to meet the rest of the member and access Van Eltia map by pressing square button. The good thing about the map, there's event icon in the map to proceed the event story. Also, they updated from RM2, which every time if you talk to the members, they greet you with their voices like Hi!, What's up?, Yo! and others.

Van Eltia map tutorial:
There's few icons at upper right.
Red !: Member request.
Green !: Member request done, but you can retake the quest.
Blue with triple dots: You're in the middle of his/her quest.
Orange 'Event': Main event.
Blue 'Event': Sub event.

- Ange (ToI) [Provide you missions]
- Will (ToL) [At lab]
- Annie (ToR) [Infirmary]
- Cless (ToP) [Room 2]
- Mint (ToP) [Room 2]
- Claire (ToR) [Kitchen]
- Rocksprings/Rocks (RM3) [Kitchen]

- Kanonno (RM3) [Control Room]

So far, only this characters will introduce you. Some places inside Van Eltia can't access yet, so off to your very first mission.

Beat 10 mobs.
Location: Konfeito large forest.
Party: Only Kanonno.

Once you return, report to Ange and you can access the shop at 1F.

- Oresoren (ToL) [Shop]
- Coda (ToI) [Shop]

Ange will call you and Kanonno. Now you can access B1F and more characters reveal.

- Chat (ToE) [Engine Room]
- Philia (ToD) [Room 10]
- Stahn (ToD) [Room 9]
- Rutee (ToD) [Room 9]
- Kratos (ToS) [Room 6]
- Emil (DotNW) [Room 5]
- Marta (DotNW) [Room 5]

If you talk to Chat, she gives you info that Ange is the guild leader of Ad Libitum, while Chat is captain of Van Eltia. So Chat isn't guild leader this time. Once talk to everyone, you go back to Ange and proceed second mission.


I stop here for awhile, because I'm playing both Vesperia and Graces F. Three games crashes in my play list but I'll try to play a lot RM3.

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