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Duuuuuudeeee~~~ HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (Sorry if I missed) Today is the last day of practical in 'hell's room'. I'm officially release and will be send home, so tomorrow I will having my break for a week or two before entering final sem. Huh, winter break is my fav (although my place don't have winter) XD.

That's not all! We're going to check what's going on with RM3 updates! Today's we going to see available Hi-ougi from 2 characters. Get ready!

This is Mint's Hi-ougi... Woot! TIME STOP!

At last, Will got his own Hi-ougi... It's creepy at the same time, AWESOME!

Ever you noticed? Luke in RM3 is 'LONG-HAIRED' version! His voice is kinda annoying during battle above but he looks aggressive!

For Legendia Fans: They're getting more and more attention to this game. Check out Mimi vid here! (Oresoren song pleaz...)

More skit faces included in the game, that's Mimi for you... and so Coda (Innocence). FINALLY, THEY FIXED SENEL'S SKIT FACE! I'm glad they doing that! He looks good in that face, unlike RM1 and RM2. Oh my gosh, gotta love BGM in RM3~

Wow, seriously I'm gonna play Legendia when I get home...
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I made my day off yesterday, because of 'Hari Raya Haji'. But I didn't went home that time cause today's work. COUNT DOWN 11 DAYS TO END THIS YEAR SEMESTER! Back to updates...

I miss two days ago updates, about synthesizing junk for items. Now, they're making new upgrade, you can now select how many quantity of items to synthesize. Unlike previous RM series, where you need to keep pressing until your thumb worn out. Also, video below shows how to sythesize weapon... and upgrading weapon! Pretty cool huh?

Oh, thumbs up for Oresoren Remix song (originally taken from here), thumbs down for Inside Val Eltia song. It seems RM2 version much better than that.

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As for today, I haven't check any updates of Tales of news. But since I haven't update about myself recently, I'm going to publish it.

Here's the result of 3D Mieu making:

If I into the making, it could be done about few days but looks like I've done about two weeks? Oh, I haven't put the Sorcerer Ring around him yet. So I call him 'Cheagle' instead of Mieu ^^

So, how you like my 3D work? I know it isn't perfect like the one in game. But I'm going to put the ring and 'skeleton' on him, so I can 'pose' him.
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Mieu 3D update:

Yup, I fixed the face and gave it smoother then before. Finally it looks cuter than I thought. I also fixed the spiky ear but it isn't yet completed.

Starting today, I need to work hard on my current assignment. So I have no time to continue making on Mieu 3D stuff. I think my assignment will end about next week and I won't update my journal till next week either. I don't see any updates of RM3 so far and I hope it does when I go check it later. We'll see again next week!
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I returned from Singapore, and I don't buy anything for myself because I'm broke. I found the DVD of Prof. Layton in this previous post, but I don't buy it. It's about 24 dollar or something. I better buy it at my country, since I can get discount.

I finished my assignment work like last week and I've been doing the work like everyday because there are corrections here and there. I guess this final correction work satisfy him this time. Also, I remembered my previous work with my teammates about making animation commercial, they're finally out! One appeared at public television and another in bus transmit. I proud of that, but I can't tell anyone it's my work. Well, at least they're watching it though.

Since there's no work after this final render thing, I'm thinking I gonna make a Mieu model in 3D. I'm not good in modeling but at least it is part of my job. Hope this Mieu model ended up smoothly...

Another news of Radiant Mythology 3, few characters confirm in the game:

- Cheria Barnes (Graces)
- Meredy (Eternia)
- Raven (Vesperia)
- Jay (Legendia)
- Ricardo Soldato (Innocence)

Isn't this exciting? They even make new job for Descender, 'Gunslinger'!

This is the original pic:


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