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How long I'm gonna keep lazy updates *A*

Right, I'm started to addict with my old online game Dragonica, and I can't stop playing it. Now my time clashes with my LJRP, so I'm gonna keep my pace with it... NOT! I better stick which one I like.

So I heard from my lil sis, Persona 4 is going to surprise me. Are you kidding? I clear the game twice and as a big fan of Persona,


So I head to the website, and check few stuff of it. Hold on, why protagonist P4 is 'Yu Narukami'? Why don't stick with 'Souji Seta' instead! Definite this name is out of canon. Thankfully other characters' name remain the same. But whatever it is, I want to watch it badly! I'm also gonna cross my finger, this anime is not as bad as Trinity Soul :X
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I've been hiatus for 4 days. Yeh, I was online LJ all the time but hate to update recently. Anyway, my dad's heart operation was success and he's having a long nap in hospital. I'm grateful for that, a little. Everyday, I never missed the earthquake in Japan news on TV, it feels bad for me to keep watching them :\

So, I read my fav magz today and some info interest me, though I rarely check them in the net.

Functions of PSP2 )

Xillia's seiyuus are interesting )
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I'm still worried about what happened at Japan. Lots of people were still missing and more importantly, I wondered what happened to the seiyuus.

Thanks to hashihime blogspot [List of seiyuus were known SAFE], I feel a lot better :) I can't guarantee they have it all, but I relieved my fav seiyuus were listed. Go check them out!

For those you want to see a-very-long-list of Japan idols were known safe, CLICK HERE!
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I don't want to say for details. Everything said in the news and footage over here.
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I have to apologize due to not update playthrough in RM3. Is not that I'm stuck, I playing other Tales of games, doing assignment and having lack of sleep lately. Of course I still play the game, and that is grinding. I'm using Swordsman without any job change, which makes other Tales characters slowly leveling. I'm making them level up at least lvl 55 above to make the playthrough much easier.

I finally finished Tales of Graces, now heading to Future Arc. Surprisingly, it's easy to beat 2 final bosses, and I realized I set the game in Normal mode. I would like to battle them again in Hard mode.
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My cat sick, I don't why. He's been coughing since yesterday. Luckily, I went to vet to get his medicine. He seems doing fine now :)

[RM3 SPOILER] I'm curious about Asbel and Luke/Asch canon differences in the game. )
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Alright, I finally got my game console present, PS3 in the house. It's modified version with hack from Jailbreak and 10 free games, and also I can play using Hard Disk without paying expensive DVD games. I haven't tried yet since there's missing plug for main socket, I have to buy one. I'll try again at night but I don't think there's a good game for me yet. They giving me boy's game ==;

So I'm going to download ToV Japan (my first Tales of PS3 game ^^) and probably FF13. I might find a shop who sell cheap PS3 to keep in hard disk XD

EDIT: Woot! It's my 100th entry!!
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Gosh, I wanna shout like that. So for this year, what I'm gonna aim?

I'm getting 3DS from my own money! I checked ToA will be coming for 3DS, but then check this link to see other update games for 3DS.

I wanna get a good result for final semester, so wish me luck!
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Hiya f-list, I wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS~ Just now I drove car this evening, I trapped in traffic jam for 2 hours! Yep, I know no fun having Christmas in car, but I love having fun^^

Also, on RM3 updates, there are presents for us fans: 3 New Video.

Lets start from 2 character taken from RM2, who not made it their Hi-ougi:

And one new character and her new summon-ougi, awesome Sheena ever!

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I went to my college to register today. *sigh* My final semester class will start at 20th this month. Damn, why not next year? I haven't enough holiday yet! Poor my Christmas plan *sob*

Radiant Mythology 3 2nd front cover is awesome!

They even have a short manga!

Also... guys, you seen the ToX scan. But did you watch the trailer yet? )
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This is cool~ Today's my birthday! So I'm thinking I'm gonna buy a game console~

But I don't have the right choice. I'm thinking on getting...



PS3! I getting this for my birthday present!

Oh well, guys. Drop a comment! I'm really appreciate!

Anyway, first thing I watch today... is this Apollo Justice DUB vid. It's awesome and funny ^^.

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Duuuuuudeeee~~~ HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (Sorry if I missed) Today is the last day of practical in 'hell's room'. I'm officially release and will be send home, so tomorrow I will having my break for a week or two before entering final sem. Huh, winter break is my fav (although my place don't have winter) XD.

That's not all! We're going to check what's going on with RM3 updates! Today's we going to see available Hi-ougi from 2 characters. Get ready!

This is Mint's Hi-ougi... Woot! TIME STOP!

At last, Will got his own Hi-ougi... It's creepy at the same time, AWESOME!

Ever you noticed? Luke in RM3 is 'LONG-HAIRED' version! His voice is kinda annoying during battle above but he looks aggressive!

For Legendia Fans: They're getting more and more attention to this game. Check out Mimi vid here! (Oresoren song pleaz...)

More skit faces included in the game, that's Mimi for you... and so Coda (Innocence). FINALLY, THEY FIXED SENEL'S SKIT FACE! I'm glad they doing that! He looks good in that face, unlike RM1 and RM2. Oh my gosh, gotta love BGM in RM3~

Wow, seriously I'm gonna play Legendia when I get home...
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To [ profile] lolex90-chan, we do celebrate our fav J-POP.

~Happy 30th Birthday, Ohno Satoshi!!!~

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Steal from [ profile] xlumierex, I thought this would be fun game. I have my own 'seiyu ranking' and this what I get for the first try.

Check out my Seiyu Ranking )
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Hey, hey, hey! Look what I found. Radiant Mythology 3 news is spreading around the world! Even in my small country of Malaysia, I finally received the (not really latest) news in Malaysian Magazine.

The article claims two pages including new Kanonno and the Natsu-Natsu. And I'm stupidly forgot to check this new Natsu-Natsu name, heck yeah his name is Rocks or Rocksprings.

Here's bothering me a bit, is the informations in wiki true or not? I could see some addition characters in DotW and others.

BTW, the two pages article are below. Click to enlarge.

The first part saying 'Third Mythology having 80 characters' (big title) and 'Two new characters' (in pink circle).

This one shows 'Appear for the first time' (in pink circle) including Chelsea, Norma, Judith, Rita, Asbel and Loni pics. In another pink circle below says 'Create new character' and 'System Radiant Drive', along with pics of the game.
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As for today, I haven't check any updates of Tales of news. But since I haven't update about myself recently, I'm going to publish it.

Here's the result of 3D Mieu making:

If I into the making, it could be done about few days but looks like I've done about two weeks? Oh, I haven't put the Sorcerer Ring around him yet. So I call him 'Cheagle' instead of Mieu ^^

So, how you like my 3D work? I know it isn't perfect like the one in game. But I'm going to put the ring and 'skeleton' on him, so I can 'pose' him.
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Mieu 3D update:

Yup, I fixed the face and gave it smoother then before. Finally it looks cuter than I thought. I also fixed the spiky ear but it isn't yet completed.

Starting today, I need to work hard on my current assignment. So I have no time to continue making on Mieu 3D stuff. I think my assignment will end about next week and I won't update my journal till next week either. I don't see any updates of RM3 so far and I hope it does when I go check it later. We'll see again next week!
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Another news for Radiant Mythology 3.

ToS: DotNW Characters Confirmed For Radiant Mythology 3!


I thought I did mentioned you guys about making Mieu 3D about three days ago. Well, it's not complete yet and in progress... and this is what I made so far.

As usual, I sucks at making 3D model. But I do my best. Still need to fix the color, spiky fur on its ears and lots of things.

Have a look (After 3 days of making):
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Have you ever check anime releases this month? I just check Anime News Network and it seems plenty anime I would like to watch. This link shows me some new releases on this month and future month.

I'm quite interest with these title:
- Bakuman
- Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan 2
- Tegami Bachi REVERSE
- Sengoku Basara Season 2
- Cat Shit One
- Nurarihyon no Mago

However, just now I found this picture:

And I feel like, "WTH! Why I didn't notice this before?!" Any clue where I can find thi-- Never mind. I think I just go to my fav store and ask about it.

The original picture was taken at here. Oh, that right. You can see some images of Tales of Symphonia: Tethe'alla Chapter if you keep scrolling down.
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Okay guys... We know this date is coming near. So let's talk about;


This date will be awesome day, right? I tell you what will happen this date in my place.

- This date will be 10th anniversary of Shah Alam (Malaysia).
- Date of my cousin's marriage in Singapore.
- My friend's birthday.

Well probably for now. But maybe there are bunch event will happen on that date. So, how bout you guys in f-list? Any interesting will happen on this date?


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