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I've been hiatus for 4 days. Yeh, I was online LJ all the time but hate to update recently. Anyway, my dad's heart operation was success and he's having a long nap in hospital. I'm grateful for that, a little. Everyday, I never missed the earthquake in Japan news on TV, it feels bad for me to keep watching them :\

So, I read my fav magz today and some info interest me, though I rarely check them in the net.

Functions of PSP2 )

Xillia's seiyuus are interesting )
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Hey, hey, hey! Look what I found. Radiant Mythology 3 news is spreading around the world! Even in my small country of Malaysia, I finally received the (not really latest) news in Malaysian Magazine.

The article claims two pages including new Kanonno and the Natsu-Natsu. And I'm stupidly forgot to check this new Natsu-Natsu name, heck yeah his name is Rocks or Rocksprings.

Here's bothering me a bit, is the informations in wiki true or not? I could see some addition characters in DotW and others.

BTW, the two pages article are below. Click to enlarge.

The first part saying 'Third Mythology having 80 characters' (big title) and 'Two new characters' (in pink circle).

This one shows 'Appear for the first time' (in pink circle) including Chelsea, Norma, Judith, Rita, Asbel and Loni pics. In another pink circle below says 'Create new character' and 'System Radiant Drive', along with pics of the game.


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