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As for today, I haven't check any updates of Tales of news. But since I haven't update about myself recently, I'm going to publish it.

Here's the result of 3D Mieu making:

If I into the making, it could be done about few days but looks like I've done about two weeks? Oh, I haven't put the Sorcerer Ring around him yet. So I call him 'Cheagle' instead of Mieu ^^

So, how you like my 3D work? I know it isn't perfect like the one in game. But I'm going to put the ring and 'skeleton' on him, so I can 'pose' him.
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Mieu 3D update:

Yup, I fixed the face and gave it smoother then before. Finally it looks cuter than I thought. I also fixed the spiky ear but it isn't yet completed.

Starting today, I need to work hard on my current assignment. So I have no time to continue making on Mieu 3D stuff. I think my assignment will end about next week and I won't update my journal till next week either. I don't see any updates of RM3 so far and I hope it does when I go check it later. We'll see again next week!
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Another news for Radiant Mythology 3.

ToS: DotNW Characters Confirmed For Radiant Mythology 3!


I thought I did mentioned you guys about making Mieu 3D about three days ago. Well, it's not complete yet and in progress... and this is what I made so far.

As usual, I sucks at making 3D model. But I do my best. Still need to fix the color, spiky fur on its ears and lots of things.

Have a look (After 3 days of making):


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