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I got an email today, they're talking about releasing new console PSP2. Who's excited? I dunno, I'm desperate on getting 3DS DX

So last entry I did show the image of Graces F localize and this is the updated image here (and what the hell the with the image name! It's Pascal season! XD)

Daily game: ToV and ToGf

ToV Day 7:

- Got B'aul (Best aircraft!)
- Flynn joins for 2nd time.
- Got Karol's Mystic Arte
- On the way to save Estelle (damn you Alexei)
- Party lvl about 40+ (Yuri, Flynn, Repede, Rita, Karol, Judith, Patty)
So I think Patty is permanent player, good for back up. Now looking for her Mystic Arte.

ToGf Day 4:

- Completed Part 1.
- Got Hubert in party.
- On the way to North Pole! (Yeah, I dunno where but aka snowy place)
- Party lvl about 30+ (Asbel, Sophie, Pascal, Malik, Hubert)
Their Mysti-- Blast Caliber are to unleash but sometime it doesn't take down the monster. Seriously, I spend more time on Graces rather than Vesperia. I need to get note in my mind to spend both in balance way.

ToGf of the day, I love so much on this video. I keep thinking later to make this guys party to get one.

Check this out for Van and Richter gameplay in RM3 )
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I heard people starting to shout of Graces F might be getting localize. I cross my finger that they will do it. Because Graces F is a good game (almost beating gameplay from Vesperia) and it's hardly for me and other fans to understand it. I knew there's a team doing the translation and still going on but I hope they don't give up on it yet. Because the news is 50/50, just rumor or true, we don't know.

Some say it's true when this website comes out. It's also registered under NAMCO BANDAI Co. If you wander what's that blur image, I even make comparison below.

That picture looks familiar. )
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I don't know why suddenly I ignore my work and taking my interest towards gaming. Maybe I don't have enough holidays DX Since after practical, I think I spend my time resting for 2 weeks. Geezz, I'm such a horrible lazy bum ==;

Anyways, I tried Tales of Vesperia PS3 about few days ago and this is what I can say...

ToV playtime on Day 6:

- Completed Part 1.
- On the way to Mt. Temza.
- All members about lvl 40. (Yuri, Estelle, Rita, Karol, Repede, Raven, Patty)

Seriously, I love the game. Just thumbs down on the camera work, it's not easy to see around because the camera to tight for first player X/. I used to be Flynn fan and controlling Yuri is quite difficult sometimes. I still not master the spam combo (and I don't attempt to try one ><;;) So far, I tried Yuri, Rita and Raven... and Flynn all the time when confront Barbos.

As for S-flag (character avatar), I got Repede avatar (S-flag R) and it was awesome to use him running around world map and towns. Although, I not use him much in battles. I guess what people said is true.


Also, I got pawned by [ profile] xlumierex words, I DID TRY GRACES F!! XD So this is what I can say..

ToGF playtime on Day 2:

- Completed Kids ver., off to seven years later.
- On the way to get Richard for the first time.
- Forgot to check lvl but I guess about 15+ (Asbel and Sophie)

Battle mode is awesome! It's almost like ToH in 3D version! I can spam attack and skills without problem. Kinda disappointing I can't free save in world map unless you're in nearest shelter or town. Is it just me or others, there's not really many monsters on the road? No fine place to grind X/ I'm also kinda sick with mixes junks. No more upgrade weapon and armor at shop, huh? It's Jap ver. so I prefer shop make it for me XP

Asbel reminds me of Flynn. The way he talks, thinking and acts almost similar to him (minus when he was child, he acts like Yuri.) That's why I never try others... yet. I wanting Hubert so much but I guess I stick with how the story goes then.

I wanna keep playing... I dunno which one of those two Tales I wanna beat first, but I keep playing then. Aww... go hell with my collage work.. not in the mood. X(
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Updates from RM3. Do you know we can take control villain characters too?

New good and villain characters included in the game. )
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They relaunching Tales of Xillia website over here. This time, they even announce two main characters to choose when you enter the website. Have a try.

Also, looks like Shirley in Radiant Mythology 3 isn't that bad!

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Alright, I finally got my game console present, PS3 in the house. It's modified version with hack from Jailbreak and 10 free games, and also I can play using Hard Disk without paying expensive DVD games. I haven't tried yet since there's missing plug for main socket, I have to buy one. I'll try again at night but I don't think there's a good game for me yet. They giving me boy's game ==;

So I'm going to download ToV Japan (my first Tales of PS3 game ^^) and probably FF13. I might find a shop who sell cheap PS3 to keep in hard disk XD

EDIT: Woot! It's my 100th entry!!
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Check out my new layout and the theme is Vocaloid, Kaito ver.

Just click at [ profile] sheiji X3
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I did't know this guy from Rebirth is playable.

WTH?! More characters coming in RM3! I'm so excited!

So, TALES OF ABYSS 3DS will release in SPRING 2011.
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Gosh, I wanna shout like that. So for this year, what I'm gonna aim?

I'm getting 3DS from my own money! I checked ToA will be coming for 3DS, but then check this link to see other update games for 3DS.

I wanna get a good result for final semester, so wish me luck!
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Hmm, I went check about ToX seiyuu because I was curious ever.

So far, I only got 2 confirmed names Shuto Matis and Mira Maxwell. Who are their seiyuus? And here's it is.

Shuto Matis - Tsubasa Yonaga [Ren Mihashi (Big Windup!), Jun Yamamoto (S ยท A: Special A)

Mira Maxwell - Miyuki Sawashiro [Puchiko (Di Gi Charat), Ayane Yano (Kimi ni Todoke), Lag Seeing (Tegami Bachi Reverse)]
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Hiya f-list, I wish you all MERRY CHRISTMAS~ Just now I drove car this evening, I trapped in traffic jam for 2 hours! Yep, I know no fun having Christmas in car, but I love having fun^^

Also, on RM3 updates, there are presents for us fans: 3 New Video.

Lets start from 2 character taken from RM2, who not made it their Hi-ougi:

And one new character and her new summon-ougi, awesome Sheena ever!

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More Radiant Mythology 3 video update from JUMP FIESTA:

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F-list, I gotta stop updating for awhile. I'll keep update Tales series but probably late, really dead late. I got a bunch of drawing to be finished, including event for [ profile] route_29. Until my work got settle, probably after Christmas, I'll continue updates and posting own journal.

Am I forgot something? Yup, this is RM3 latest trailer and BACK-ON song^^ Drep, the trailer is awesome!

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas from dearest of all time, Kiku~
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I went to my college to register today. *sigh* My final semester class will start at 20th this month. Damn, why not next year? I haven't enough holiday yet! Poor my Christmas plan *sob*

Radiant Mythology 3 2nd front cover is awesome!

They even have a short manga!

Also... guys, you seen the ToX scan. But did you watch the trailer yet? )
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J-pop group; BACK-ON which dedicate previous RM2 theme song, Flyaway. They again will be dedicate their song for the theme on RM3. And the song called with you feat.Me The song will publish next year, as they said. It's cool to have their song, Flyaway is catchy though. We'll see next year, how's the song like.

More video updates; we'll focusing with two main Hi-ougi.

I have here is Keele's hi-ougi, which is he summoning Rem. I waited this for looong time XD oh gosh, he looks really handsome in cut-scene <33

And here's Flynn! Awesome as allllwayss~
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Kayyy people, oh gowd I was into the LJ RP lately and I have no time to check RM3 updates but I see my f-list didn't publish this yet, or probably I'm the one who missed.

Front cover of RM3 looks like this:

Beautiful, just like RM2. You can guess those four figures standing on the cliff ^^

Another thing I wanna say, we got ONE MORE NEW CHARACTER in the game!

Well guess who? Someone in Symphonia!! Check this out!

Okay, I'm putting the spoiler inside LJ cut from now on. Because I looooove surprises XD )
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Hi there f-list and other watchers, I forgot to update Radiant Mythology 3 news ><;; You know since I got home, I'm so excited to my old PS2 games (getting PS3 soon but I dunno when). But when I check the news back then, IT GIVES ME HORROR SURPRISE!

What I'm talking about?

Radiant Mythology 3 releases date is FEBRUARY 10TH, 2011!!

That's not all, more NEW CHARACTERS will be added in the game, guess who are they?

-Shing Meteoryte (Hearts)
-Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear (Abyss)
-Flynn Scifo (Vesperia)

Surprise! SURPRISE! Looks like all Abyss characters will be in the game! Excited, huh? *Oh thanks NamcoBandai, you add Flynn too!*

Here's the article:

Before I forget, here's a vid of Marta's Hi-ougi ^^

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This is cool~ Today's my birthday! So I'm thinking I'm gonna buy a game console~

But I don't have the right choice. I'm thinking on getting...



PS3! I getting this for my birthday present!

Oh well, guys. Drop a comment! I'm really appreciate!

Anyway, first thing I watch today... is this Apollo Justice DUB vid. It's awesome and funny ^^.

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Duuuuuudeeee~~~ HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (Sorry if I missed) Today is the last day of practical in 'hell's room'. I'm officially release and will be send home, so tomorrow I will having my break for a week or two before entering final sem. Huh, winter break is my fav (although my place don't have winter) XD.

That's not all! We're going to check what's going on with RM3 updates! Today's we going to see available Hi-ougi from 2 characters. Get ready!

This is Mint's Hi-ougi... Woot! TIME STOP!

At last, Will got his own Hi-ougi... It's creepy at the same time, AWESOME!

Ever you noticed? Luke in RM3 is 'LONG-HAIRED' version! His voice is kinda annoying during battle above but he looks aggressive!

For Legendia Fans: They're getting more and more attention to this game. Check out Mimi vid here! (Oresoren song pleaz...)

More skit faces included in the game, that's Mimi for you... and so Coda (Innocence). FINALLY, THEY FIXED SENEL'S SKIT FACE! I'm glad they doing that! He looks good in that face, unlike RM1 and RM2. Oh my gosh, gotta love BGM in RM3~

Wow, seriously I'm gonna play Legendia when I get home...
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To [ profile] lolex90-chan, we do celebrate our fav J-POP.

~Happy 30th Birthday, Ohno Satoshi!!!~


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