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Kiku ([personal profile] kiku_cait) wrote2011-09-17 10:20 am
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Vocaloid art on the move~

I haven't been updating so much. But I going to make quick update for my new Vocaloid art or others.

So in my DA, the highest ranking now is Rin Orenji. Mostly they said Rin looks cute in the picture. I agreed, because adorableness is the only way how to drag people to love her ==;

Newly submited:

It's my first Vocaloid Comic Strip ever! Comic contains Kaito, Len and Miku. Very short but you'll be 'lol' at the end.

Now I'm working with Kaito pic and probably this one will be epic. It'll done about next month? Well, just stay tune!


Has anyone tried Miku Book yet? How is it like?

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