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Kiku ([personal profile] kiku_cait) wrote2011-02-25 02:50 pm
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I have to apologize due to not update playthrough in RM3. Is not that I'm stuck, I playing other Tales of games, doing assignment and having lack of sleep lately. Of course I still play the game, and that is grinding. I'm using Swordsman without any job change, which makes other Tales characters slowly leveling. I'm making them level up at least lvl 55 above to make the playthrough much easier.

I finally finished Tales of Graces, now heading to Future Arc. Surprisingly, it's easy to beat 2 final bosses, and I realized I set the game in Normal mode. I would like to battle them again in Hard mode.

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Kiku-chan~ Make sure you get enough sleep okay? RL > games girl. Hope you can finish your assignments on time!

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Aww no worry, Heart-chan~ Kiku makes sure be healthy all the time :D