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Let's play Radiant Mythology 3: Part 4

Playthrough 4:

Event continues at Ange's place, Spada will enters the ship. They're also talking about Ricardo. Now head to Room 17 and Spada will now playable.

- Spada (ToI) [Room 17]

Go back to Ange's, Kanonno will talk to you. After do some quests or reenter Ange's place, until you hear a loud scream from Iria. After the scene from lab, head back at Ange's, another main event will occur when old man talk to Ange. Now you'll able to do new mission.

| Mission 8 |
Conveyance of demon.
Location: Desert Kadaifu.
Party: Cless, Iria, (one spot for any character)
Recommended level: 32 above.

Recommended job for the spot is anybody who have healing spells. New location at the desert. After the first save point, you'll fight a Mini Boss; Sandworm. Iria is very useful member in this fight. Let her spam water spells on it. After the fight, proceed further into the desert. Keep going until you reach the save point. Grind yourself at least level 35 before proceed.

Boss: Yellow Salamander X4
Their attack and movement are deathly, but they're low on defense. Be careful not to get attack in groups, and their bites. It may petrify you. Have your healer or Iria to keep distance away from them. Defeat them one by one instead of groups. After the scene, you'll back at Van Eltia.

You'll unlock three Blue Event (Ange, Coda, Chester) and after talking to them, you'll got their Member Request. Head to Orange Event (Infirmary) for main event. No main event after this, so do your normal quests or do Member Request.


[Special Quest]
If you do Member Request (Ange), she'll ask you to find Ricardo. You will meet him in beginning of the quest, but he leaves after that. Make your way to where you beat four Yellow Salamander, you'll find Ricardo there. After return to Van Eltia, he will join the guild.

- Ricardo (ToI) [Room 17]


Do some quests or reenter Ange's place, event will occurs. Arche enters the ship and shows you a 'Sorcerer Ring', but it not functioning yet. Arche joins soon after that and unlock next mission.

- Arche (ToI) [Room 2]

| Mission 9 |
Sorcerer Ring 1
Location: Volcano Orutata.
Party: Eugene, Chat, (one spot for any character)
Recommended level: 37 above.

Recommended job for the spot is Mage or anybody who have water spells. Go to the entrance of the place where Will and Rubia find the beetle at Mission 6, walk a bit down right and you'll see a gate. Chat will open it then proceed to 2nd map. Make your way until you reach save point. Get ready for boss.

Boss: Fire Bronk
Not really strong though, but it got good defenses and not easily to get stun. Just like you beat Sandworm, use your Mage to spam water spells on it and at the same time, heal the party if needed.

After beating it, go to next place and power up the Sorcerer Ring. You'll get tutorial in how to use it by pressing square button. You'll back at Van Eltia.

There's no main event for now, you can do some quests or try use the Sorcerer Ring at some places you see the red button. If you're lucky, check the Van Eltia map to see if you got Orange Event at the kitchen. Head there to see Kratos, Kohaku, Farah and Rocks. After that, go to Ange's place. Keele and Meredy will having conversation about Descender and you'll unlock new mission. However, there's Blue Event (Ange) if you talk to her and you'll also get Member Request (Ange). Now you can do either doing Mission or Member Request (Ange).


[Special Quest]
If you do Member Request (Ange), Stahn, Rutee and Philia will having a conversation. Ange will ask you to find Woodrow. Make your way to 2nd map, at the gate where you collect plant materials, you'll find Woodrow. Then continue search him at where you power up the Sorcerer Ring. After return to Van Eltia, he will join the guild and unlock Member Request (Reid).

- Woodrow (ToD) [Room 10]


| Mission 10 |
Head to Mibuna village.
Location: Brownie tunnel.
Party: Kratos, Harold, (one spot for any character)
Recommended level: 38 above.

Go all the way down until you reach Basement 3. If you go up from a fork, it leads you to where there are three circles on the ground. You can activate them, they can teleport you back to the entrance. For now, go back at the fork and go left path until you reach a gate to downstairs. Kratos will open it for you. At Basement 4, beware of spiky ground. On the middle and upper right, there's a sign board, which contains directions. Each of them has different directions. Take note of them both, then make your way to below right until you reach a gate with four buttons on the ground. Steps on the following the directions; 'up, down, left, right', the middle gate will open. Then 'up, right, down, left, right, up, down, left', the gate in front of you will open. Make your way deep into Basement 4 until you reach the save point.

Boss: Stone Shisa X2
Both of them got high defenses. If you got wind spells, use them. There's no problem on beating them since Kratos and Harold can cover the battle. After the battle, Sheena will show up, but not join the guild yet. You'll back at Van Eltia. You will unlock two Blue Event (Coda, Senel) and got their Member Request.

There's no main event for now, you can do some quests or do Member Request (Coda, Norma).


[Special Quest]
After Blue Event from Senel, there's Member Request (Norma) provided at Ange. From location where you beat Stone Shisa, go all the way down to Basement 6. At there, you'll see Norma is digging the ground. Go to the left path, then up until you reach a closed gate. Take left exit, turn on the switch and go back to the gate again.

Now you need to use Sorcerer Ring in order to open the gate. Here's the tricky part, you can't just randomly shots the buttons on the wall to get the pattern right. If you need to reset them, reenter the place. The pattern is oOOooOOo; shots 2nd, 1st, 7th, 8th, the gate will open. Make your way to Norma. Report back to Ange and Norma joins the guild.

- Norma (ToL) [Laboratory]


After done some quests or reenter Ange's place, Sheena will enters. Head to Room 7 for event. Lloyd, Colette and Suzu will also in that room. After the scene, four of them will now playable. Head back to Ange's place for event.

- Lloyd (ToS) [Laboratory]
- Colette (ToS) [Room 7]
- Sheena (ToS) [Room 7]
- Suzu (ToP) [Engine Room]

Do some quests until event occurs, where Ange, Rita, Harold and Meredy having conversation. After the event, you'll unlock Member Request (Suzu, Lloyd). So do both of them if you like. After done some quests, event will occurs when Keele and Suzu talks to Ange. You'll get new mission.

| Mission 11 |
The existence which granted the request.
Location: Rhubarb Mountains.
Party: Tytree, Meredy, (one spot for any character)
Recommended level: 40 above.

After the scene, go to 2nd map (up, then right exit) you will trigger a scene where the gate was already open. Proceed the 3rd map until you reach the save point. You'll see a red figure. After the scene, you'll back at Van Eltia.

Ange said Rita needs you at laboratory. Before you go there, check Blue Event (Coda, Sheena) and you'll get their Member Request. Now go to laboratory. After the scene, head back to Ange's place, Asbel and Sophie will enter the ship. Go to Room 1 for another event and both of them will join the guild.

- Asbel (ToG) [Room 14]
- Sophie (ToG) [Room 14]


[Special Quest]
Take Member Request (Sheena) and go to Rhubarb Mountains (2nd map). On your way to the top, you will encounter Zelos, but later he'll escape. Continue walk to the top and Zelos will wait you there. Once at Van Eltia, report to Sheena and Zelos joins the guild. You'll unlock three Member Request (Sheena, Asbel, Veigue)

- Zelos (ToS) [Room 6]


No main event after this, so do some quests or Member Request. Check for Orange Event at Ange's place, Tear, Jade and Natalia will talking to Ange. Head to Room 4 and three of them will join the guild.

- Tear (ToA) [Room 4]
- Natalia (ToA) [Room 4]
- Jade (ToA) [Room 4]

Go back to Ange's place, Natalia will talk to Estelle and get ready for next mission.

| Mission 12 |
Servant of the dawn, it lies hidden.
Location: Almanac Ruins.
Party: Ange, Jade, (one spot for any character)
Recommended level: 42 above.

After the short scene, find your way to save point. There's no hard puzzle to be solve there. Get ready to beat the boss.

Boss: Servant of the dawn X2
Both of them will make a quick buff on themselves. All you have to do is spam melee and magic spell before they could attack you. Make sure you cover Jade from being attacked, since he can deal high damage on them. After the fight, follow them and you'll meet the villain character of the game, Lazaris. Soon, you'll back at Van Eltia.