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I uploaded Radiant Mythology 3 skit. I found out something interesting about Estelle.

Estelle finds Quickie is cute and tries to touch him. But Quickie doesn't want her. Yuri enters and Quickie runs to him. Second skit, Estelle tries again by introducing herself, but Quickie walks away. Meredy enters and tells her that Quickie likes to listen songs.

Third skit, Estelle sings in front of Quickie and it seems worked. Then Yuri, Claire and Veigue enters. Yuri asks what's the song for, but Quickie cuts him by approaches closer to three of them, without them singing. This makes Estelle pissed off, because she had to do the hard way.


So the conclusion is, all tamed creatures don't like Estelle. Poor girl XD

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LOL. Poor Estelle. I wonder why animals hate her so much? With how obsessed my Estelle is with healing Repede, he at least should like her. XD