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Let's play Radiant Mythology 3: Part 2

Last time, I stop in beginning of Mission 2, so here's the details.

| Mission 2 |
Get 3 copper.
Location: Brownie tunnel (Basement 2).
Party: Only Kanonno.

Once you enter the place, don't go down stairs. Instead, take the right exit. You need to press the switch to open the door. It's easy map anyway, proceed through the tunnel until you find downstairs to Basement 2. Follow the path, ignore a door which needs to open both switches and keep forward. You'll find a seach spot with group of ores. Pick them and return.

Report to Ange and you got access to B2F to meet the rest of the members.

- Shing (ToH) [Room 18]
- Kohaku (ToH [Room 18]
- Ruca (ToI) [Room 17]
- Iria (ToI) [Room 17]
- Caius (ToT) [Room 16]
- Rubia (ToT) [Room 16]
- Senel (ToL) [Room 14]
- Shirley (ToL) [Room 14]
- Veigue (ToR) [Room 13]
- Reid (ToE) [Room 12]
- Farah (ToE) [Room 12]

Go back to Ange and she'll give you a trial test before joining Ad Libitum.

| Mission 3 |
Defeat Garuda.
Location: Rhubarb Mountains.
Party: Only Kanonno.

Remember where you meet Kanonno for the first time? Just go there, beat the bird up and report. Recommended level is 10 and above.

Talk to Ange and congratulation, you just joined Ab Libitum guild. You can now access quest lists and recruite 3 members in your party just like RM2. No main event for now, so you just take few quests from Ange or check Van Eltia map for Blue Event (Rocks) and Member Request (Caius). Sometimes taking Blue Event will leads you to Orange Event, so try to check this often.

Main event occurs when Rocks invites you and Kanonno to the kitchen, so just go there. Claire will concerned about Hazel village. Later, go back to Ange and two more members join the guild.

- Nanaly (ToD2) [Infirmary]
- Harold (ToD2) [At lab]

Keep doing quests until another main event occurs, where Rocks gives Kanonno a sketchbook. Rocks will ask you to give the brush to Kanonno, so go to Control Room [2F] and talk to her. Once you done, head back to Ange for another event. Claire will talk to Ange about Hazel Village. Now you have your next mission.

| Mission 4 |
Contact person in Hazel Village.
Location: Konfeito large forest.
Party: Veigue, Shing, Mint.

Note: Before you off to this mission, make sure you stock your items and equip the latest weapon and armor. Recommended level is 19 and above.

Make your way deep into the forest, you will see a scene where Estelle is been chased by Saleh. He's your first Boss battle, defeat him.

Boss: Saleh, Wolf X2
Kill the wolves first. Beware of Saleh's wind magic, although it's easy to avoid but it gives high damage. The best way is to spam attack/artes on him, and try to keep Mint alive so she can heal the party. Once you beat him, he'll escape. Soon, Yuri and Rita will appear.

Once back in the ship, report back to Ange. Go to Room 1 (which is next to kitchen) for short event. Yuri, Estelle and Rita will join. However, they aren't playable yet.

- Yuri (ToV) [Room 1]
- Estelle (ToV) [Room 1]
- Rita (ToV) [At lab]

Head back to Ange, you will see event between Veigue and Claire. No main event after this, so do your normal quests.