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It should be for couple days to complete. I'm not major with Japan games but since I survived RM2, why not? I got image shot plugin for PSP, so just wait for me to post some pics!

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What firmware are you running? I have a modded PSP, but I haven't updated it since I think m3.55 or something like that. /has to look I want to update it, though. :la Not sure where to look now, though. lol

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Well, I'm using CFW. So far, I don't any trouble playing downloadable games. But if it doesn't work, there's always a way.

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Oh, the not work at first. But thanks to CFW patch, it works now. Maybe you try Google. Btw, I'm using CFW 5.03 gen-c

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Gonna look into updating it tonight- where did you find the game and patch?

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Oh, wait, I found it. Now I just need to update my CFW.

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I IS JEALOUS! I'm thinking about picking it up when I go to Japan, but the prices make me sad.

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Aww, poor you ><;; Maybe I'll just update from time to time. Probably, you would like to know XD

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Whoo! Thanks for all the help from the comments here, I was having problems with starting the game too.

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No prob, buddy~ I'm glad that I can help. Hopefully I won't stuck in the middle of the game. I'll keep update then.